The Money Conundrum

My oldest is pining after a marble track he saw at a local toy store.  It’s infinitely better than any marble track he already owns, which is a considerable amount after the last few years of Christmas and birthday gifts.  I refused to buy it.  It’s a $60 toy that he doesn’t need, and I’m not even considering it for holiday wish lists.



Learning Emotional Resilience


Some things have happened over the last few weeks in my family that I’m not comfortable sharing in detail, but they’ve prompted this post.  As my kids get older I’m finding the need to protect their privacy is more and more important.  So you’re getting the philosophical musings without the details, sorry!



The Many Faces of Anxiety in Our House


A new semester rolled around at our house: the start of the new school year and our co-op.  You’re probably thinking “what!? School already?”  Yup, for whatever strange reason, our school district started on the first week of August.  Since co-op loosely follows the school calendar, off we went.

The anxieties roared up into massive flames threatening to derail our day.  Week, even, because the Engineer and I both battled it for a while before the actual day.


The Social Thing

my kids, when I explain the Code of Conduct contract to them


I cringed the moment the words came out of my mouth: “we’re not going to co-op to learn.”  Oops.  Mom fail.

Still, it’s technically true.  We go to co-op for all sorts of reasons, but a standard education isn’t the top one.