Parenting A Gifted Child: What To Do When Nothing Else Works


I should probably start this post off by mentioning that my oldest kiddo is 6-years-old.  So I’m certainly not a parenting expert.  I am an expert in dealing with him (and his siblings) but I have no experience with gifted teens or tweens.  So if you’re looking for a magic answer that will solve all of your problems, this isn’t the post you want to read.  You probably expected that because you’re living with a gifted kid and nothing is easy.  Ever!


It’s All About Perspective


I watched that sappy Mother’s Day video a while back – a normal day from the mom’s perspective versus the kid’s.  It was sweet and touching.  And of course, my sarcastic, idiot brain started thinking about what a video of a “normal day” would look like from our perspectives.

I don’t do videos.  They’re terrifying.  Knee-shaking, fear-inducing: a big nope.  So you’re stuck with the written version.  Sorry (ok, not sorry.  I’m sure you’ll get over it, because you REALLY don’t want to see me flub a video.)

::clears throat::

Ahem.  Today: a normal day in the lives of us – the mildly insane family living down the street from you.  Or across the nation.  Whatever.


Roughing It: Camping With 2e


It’s funny what we’ll do for our kids, right?  Mr. Genius would rather have his toenails slowly removed than go camping, but here we are, prepping for the scouts’ spring camping trip.  The Engineer is over the moon excited, and the adults are cautiously hopeful that this time will be a little less … muddy … than last time.

I get to hold down the fort at home with the younger ones and wallow shamelessly across the entire bed for one glorious night.  Ha!  I hate camping.


A Deliberate Homeschooling Choice

I’ve mulled over this post all day.  All yesterday too, ever since I decided that I was going to write about it.  It’s a tough subject – a potentially offensive subject.  I don’t like writing about those – and like writing a public apology even less.

We all like to think that we’re open-minded and fair.  No one likes smacking up against proof of their own priviledge, or evidence of subconcious racism.  And this week, I did just that.  I figured out that my ignorance was harmful and hurtful in a way that I didn’t think was possible.


Talking To The Experts: The SEA Conference Round-up

Whew!  It’s over!  A very long weekend for us, but it was completely worth it.

I wanted to take a few minutes and talk about the gifted experts at the SEA conference that I attended talks on, or met in person.  And let me say, these people know their stuff!

I blog about gifted and twice exceptional, but I am not an expert.  We live it and I research a lot, but the experts are truly far more capable that I could ever be.  That’s why they do the talks and I listen!  Despite all my research and living with 2e, I learned a lot.  I have a deeper understanding of how giftedness works, and how to work around the issues while homeschooling.