Overexcitabilities & The Dentist


I am far more familiar with my kid’s dentist than I care to be.  Between the Engineer’s “shark teeth,” the Princess’ abscessed teeth that had to be pulled, and the crooked teeth issues, we spend a lot of time at the dentist.  It never gets easier.

Plenty of people hate going to the dentist.  Lots of adults can’t stand it, and kids often think the dentist is torture.  Mine do, at least.  I’ve seen kids at the dentist who cheerfully sit down and say “ahhh!” without freaking out, but we’ve never experienced that.  Yay overexcitabilities.



A Dose Of Cute


This week has been a bummer.  Some special needs issues have cropped up, I’ve been politely standing my ground with the IEP team (no, a home inspection is not required or, dare I say, legal?) and my health issues are flaring.  I’m not doing great.  That’s life.

Instead of sitting here and crying – because honestly, I’m on the verge because my hip won’t stop hurting – I’m going for a laugh instead.  And I’m dragging you along with me, because everyone needs a good laugh, right?  Random bits of funny from my family to yours, because everyone has a bad day sometimes.



Are We Killing Childhood?


I have to admit, there’s a lot of self-doubt going on in this post.  Am I just a bad parent?  Do other kids sit still and obey because it’s normal?  Or perhaps, we are conditioning our children to be far more adult at an earlier age?  My kids certainly buck the trend of ‘sit still and be quiet,’ but I often wonder if that just because of the way we parent.  Or perhaps, it’s my kids’ personalities.  I don’t know.  I do know this: kids are expected to be quiet and still at an age where most of them desperately need to get up and move.



But I Want To Do All The Things!


First, what exactly is this enormous long word?  What does it mean?

Multipotentiality: “the capacity to develop in multiple ways; the state of having multiple potentialities.”



When this term is applied to gifted individuals, it takes on a deeper meaning: the ability to excel in multiple fields.  It’s also dripping with latent anxiety, grief, stress, and frustration.  What?  Why would I say that?



The Path To A Book: Illustrations

A reader asked if I blogged about my art today, and I realized I hadn’t really talked about it.  Or the book.  I feel like I should put that in italics: “the BOOK.”  My book.  Saying that makes me feel all warm and happy inside.  Woohoo!  Anyway, since my art and “the book” are all linked together these days, might as well write about it.

“What book?” you might ask.  The children’s book I’ve been working on – explaining overexcitabilities to gifted littles.  It’s a picture book, so as you might expect, someone had to do the pictures. That someone was me.  No point in being an artist if you can’t do your own art, right?  So even though I had no idea what it takes to be an illustrator, I jumped right in and started trying anyway.

Please note: I am not an expert.  Most of the time I have no idea what I’m doing!  In fact, I’ve never really worked with watercolors until this past year.  Despite that, I decided that I wanted to do the illustrations in watercolor and ink because I love how it looks.