Never Underestimate A Kid


When I was a kid (so very long ago!) I distinctly remember being irritated with the adults around me.  They routinely dismissed me as “too young” to have a valid opinion.  I hated trying to purchase something at a store, because even the cashiers would literally ignore me, standing there with money and patiently waiting my turn.  And forget asking anyone a question – they wouldn’t bother to deal with me because I was “just a kid.”

Our society devalues kids.  We treat them as “not-human” in a way – not worthy of respect, consideration, or personhood.  We treasure our kids, we sometimes live through them, but most of the time we don’t treat them with respect.


What If My Kid Isn’t Gifted After All?


My kid isn’t doing T.V. shows about his amazing knowledge of anatomy.  He isn’t wowing college professors with his math acumen.  He isn’t reading yet at the ancient age of 6, and he doesn’t even like Harry Potter.  (Too anxiety-inducing.)

He thinks poop jokes are hilarious.  He talks alllllll the time!  He loves building things, but what 6-year-old doesn’t love Legos, right?  What if he’s not really gifted after all?  What if he’s just an average, slightly nutty kid with some special needs?  What if everything I thought was true wasn’t, and I’ve been blogged about giftedness all this time when he’s not gifted at all?


What I Dislike: Standardized Testing


It’s time.  Past time, really, but I was procrastinating.  It’s time to test.

Here in our state, we are required to provide “proof of progress” every year for grade 1 and up.  Kindergarten gets a pass if the kids aren’t over 6.  This is our first year actually doing a standardized test and I’m not too happy about it.


For Photographers: Instant Film Is Back


I’m excited to share my Christmas gift with you guys, because I can see the potential for young photographers out there to have some fun with it.  Gifted or not, this is one cool toy.

You remember your old Polaroid camera, right?  The one that spit out film that magically grew an image that you didn’t have to wait for the drugstore to develop, that you didn’t lose in a file of digital prints lurking on your phone?  That one.  The one gathering dust in your basement if you’re lucky.

Don’t get rid of it, because instant film is back in a wonderful, artistic way.