The Dad Effect


Something magical happens when a dad is out in public with his children.  I’m not talking about the lovely one-on-one time, or the relationship building – nope!  I’m talking about how other people respond.  I don’t know what to call it.  I don’t even know that “it” exists for other people besides our family.   All I know is that it’s annoying, frustrating, and irritating – for me, that is.   He loves it.



Hey Struggling Mom, I See You


My husband asked me a few weeks ago what I wanted for Mother’s Day.  My mind popped out an instant answer, and I choked it to death before it came out of my mouth.  “I want to not be a mom for a day.”

I hate that I even thought it.  I hate that I wanted nothing more, at that moment, than to ditch responsibility for a few hours and wallow in a day of no kids around.  It made me realize that I was – again – nearing burnout point.  That I needed to focus more on self-care than I had been.  Over the next few weeks, my body forced me to do that anyway (thanks very much, you villainous traitor!)



Our Screen Detox Experiment

Judging by the many parenting groups I’m in, there are two things that can magically improve your child’s behavior: do a screen detox, and have them checked for PANS/PANDAS.  It’s the stock answer for practically every behavioral question.  I’ve always thought that both options were highly dependent on the child, but couldn’t be the final answer because kids are so darned complex.

That said, we finally resorted to a screen detox.  For a week.  I decided to rule screens out or nail them down, and a detox was the only way to do that.  It’s not for the faint of heart, for sure!



Longing For Simplicity


I’m not sure what’s going on: disillusionment with politics, a distaste for materialism, or a simple mid-life crisis kind of deal.  Whatever is it, I’m not happy with my life-choices at the moment.  I totally understand the allure of those tiny houses.  To ditch almost everything and focus on what really matters – that’s an amazing opportunity.



I’m Sorry That We Jumped Your Line


This weekend was bittersweet.  After almost 7 years with the Engineer’s sensory issues, we finally attempted an amusement park.  We’ve been to carnivals and fairs plenty of times, but we’ve never tried an amusement park because it’s loud, it’s crowded, it’s hot, it’s fill-in-the-blank sensory issues.

We finally tried it, and we had fun.  In fact, our entire family are officially rollercoaster nerds now.  Even the Destroyer got to ride a coaster like the one in this picture – he loved it!   It was fun, but it was only possible because of the park’s special access pass for those with disabilities.