Rant: Coloring & Curriculum


We all have our pet peeves.  As homeschoolers, sometimes our pet peeves are a little unique.  At least, mine are.  This happens to be one of them.


Why oh why do worksheets for the early elementary levels have so much coloring?  I don’t get it: here kiddo, do your math worksheet and show my your answer by coloring in the numbers.  What, are you TRYING to make the kid hate math?  What goes through workbook designers’ heads?  Probably something like “hey, this has to be really mind-numbing for the kids.  Let’s fix that – let’s make them color half of it because kids love coloring, right?”



Fair Doesn’t Mean Equal


Every so often we run our heads into the brick wall of “fair.”  To the Engineer, fair means everyone getting the same exact thing.  His siblings are less rigid about it, but the Destroyer has been known to throw massive tantrums over someone getting something that he didn’t.  Most notably at birthdays, where he is joined by his brother’s whining and fussing that he didn’t get gifts.  Which is one of the main reasons that I ask people to not bring gifts to our parties.

This weekend was drenched in fair – or not fair, rather.  The Engineer was heading out to a long-delayed camping trip with his scout troop.  His siblings fussed about being excluded – and I told them that we could “camp out” too.  Cue the Engineer complaining because he didn’t get to join us.



Living With A Negotiator

Some days I just roll with it.  It’s our normal, after all.  And some days, I stop and realize just how … different …. my kid is.

Today was one of those days.  We were starting vision therapy (apparently the Engineer has some major tracking difficulties) and the therapist was explaining what he needed to work on.  The Engineer thought it was too much work.  Especially the part we’re supposed to do at home.  So he started trying to negotiate his way out of the work!


The Birthday Party Guilt Trip


I am an idiot.  I have a ton of stuff to do, the SEA Convention is just around the corner, and instead …. I’m sewing unicorn horns.  What is wrong with me?

This is why: one little almost 5-year-old girl.  I love her to pieces, and I have a super hard time saying no to “mommy, please?” for this kind of stuff.  Note: I have absolutely NO trouble saying “no” to “I want another Pikmi Pop mommy!