The Social Thing

my kids, when I explain the Code of Conduct contract to them


I cringed the moment the words came out of my mouth: “we’re not going to co-op to learn.”  Oops.  Mom fail.

Still, it’s technically true.  We go to co-op for all sorts of reasons, but a standard education isn’t the top one.



Things I Don’t Recommend

If you have a kid like mine who thrives on schedules, routine, and familiar surroundings, then here’s a few critical things to know.


Don’t move.

Don’t uproot from one state to another, sell the only house he’s ever known, and leave all his friends behind.

Absolutely don’t stay in an apartment with drug dealers down the hall.

Don’t buy a house that doesn’t have the amazing hide out and play area he fell in love with.

Definitely don’t leave all your stuff in storage for 4 months.   And counting.


Emotional Intensities


“Count to four, mommy!” she screamed at me, as she stormed through the living room.  She plopped down on the chair, hands itching to throw something.  Her feet drummed against the floor and the chair legs, full of restless energy and frustration.

I could have disciplined her for her tone.  Her attitude.  Instead, I asked her to ask politely instead of scream and then helped her count to 4.