One pin at a time


Today was a long day, and I’m tired.  My hands hurt, my feet hurt, and I’m worn out after a long weekend of yard work, watching kids, and generally getting things done.   The kids are now in bed and quiet reigns over my house.

Instead of sitting down and resting like my body desperately needs, I sit down in front of my sewing machine instead.  It’s perched precariously on a desk, sharing space with my nearly defunct computer.  The desk is surrounded by boxes of craft supplies from our move, waiting until the day we are able to get bookcases and storage to hold them.  It’s a mess.

As much as I want to kick back and relax, I can’t.


School canceled? Here’s a few ideas to help


By now, you probably know that many schools across the US are closing due to Covid-19.  Our local schools are closing for 2 weeks, but the uncertainty level is high, and parents are wondering if it’s going to be more than 2 weeks.  Other parents are jumping straight into homeschooling in an attempt to protect immune-compromised kids and families.

I keep seeing a lot of the same questions popping up again and again in my homeschooling and community groups – what resources can we use during this time?  What’s free, easy to use, and we can jump right in during our time at home?

I thought I would put together a post with some easy resources to help calm some of that educational uncertainty.  If reducing one tiny bit of stress helps, I’m going to do it!


Family Wounds & Holidays


This post is brought to you by a particularly nasty comment on my last post, written by someone who thinks they’re anonymous.  It never made it to the light of day because I promptly trashed it. 


Months ago

Shaken and upset, I showed my husband the texts.  I watched as he silently read, as his face settled into the resolute lines I could already feel on my own face.  He finished reading and looked up at me.  “Our kids will never ever see them again.”  I nodded.  “I agree.”

I didn’t know what else to say.  How could someone that I thought loved me – someone I’ve known all my life – say such horrible things?  Is that what family does to each other?



No Guilt


This holiday, we’re not volunteering anywhere.  We’re not donating a turkey.  We’re not picking a name off an Angel Tree, dropping off Toys for Tots, or claiming a foster kid name and making their Christmas wish come true.  We’re not doing any of what we normally do.

In fact, we’re barely celebrating the holidays at all.  Our tree is pitifully short and thin, and we’re not putting out any Christmas lights.  No beautifully decorated house full of holiday joy for us.

I’m trying really hard to not feel guilty.  Because this is not who I am.