Dog Problems


They say your family pet resembles you in temperament.  If that’s true, our family dog is a neurotic mess.

Last weekend we went house hunting.  Dog went to the dog boarder – a local family who specializes in only boarding big dogs.  She gets lots of play time, walks, and personal attention – it’s a great set up!  Normally she has fun, but this time something went wrong.



Where Is Everyone?


I am so freaking tired right now.  I had a major deadline to meet this week that caused some serious upheaval in our lives, and I’m deeply regretting committing to hosting a Valentine’s Day event.  My kids are super happy that I put this event together and normally I would cheerfully do “stuff” for it, but right now?  Right now I’m literally dead on my feet.


I’ve noticed a trend among the homeschool groups in our area, and I’m betting it’s nothing new.  It’s probably not even limited to homeschooling – every volunteer activity out there has probably experienced this phenomenon.