Marble project1

The Engineer loves marbles.  He has 4 different marble tracks in his room, and loves to build different configurations and combine them despite non-compatible tracks.  The Destroyer still thinks marbles are for eating so the marbles stay upstairs.

After a field trip that involved a visit to an old-fashioned country store (“mommy!  they have marbles here!”) the Engineer wanted to know how marbles are made.  Since I’m sneaky mommy I tucked in a few other things in there.  The full title of this project should be something like “How marbles are made, what is glass, the history of marbles, engineering a marble maze, and learning skip counting.”  Too long!

We watched a Discovery Channel video that showed a modern marble factory and a glass artist hand-making marbles.  The Engineer was fascinated!

Making a marble maze: all you need is a box lid or cut down box, straws, double-sided tape, and a marble (or 20.)  The Engineer decided where he wanted things to go and I helped put tape on the straws.  We used leftover pieces of cardboard to make tunnels for the marbles to go through.

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Marbles and Glass Project
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