The Crisis You Don’t Hear About


If I need a cardiologist, I can have my pick of them around here.  Dermatologists are a dime a dozen.  Oncologists, neurologists, and even urologists are easy to find.  I can make an appointment with my orthopedic surgeon and get in to see him within 2 weeks.

That’s not what I need right now.  That’s not why I’ve spent hours searching my health care’s website and cursing the provider search function.  I gave up in frustration and asked for help in a local parent’s group: we need a developmental pediatrician.


A Time to Rest


“Tomorrow, then no more.”  I put my foot down in no-nonsense mom tones.  We have one more “thing” to do and then we’re taking a break.  As much of a break as our week will allow.  Sure, we have a field trip, art class, and a few therapy sessions, but otherwise?  We’re not leaving the house.


No, I’m not making my children into hermits.  I’m trying to teach them balance and how to rest.  Our entire week and weekend for the last 9 days or so has been a frenetic, crazy pace of “thing” after “thing” to do.   I’m tired.  They’re tired.  We’re all falling apart, and the kids are visibly beginning to de-regulate.  It’s past time to shut down as a family and rest and recharge.



Defining Twice Exceptional


I reread one of my biggest posts every so often to see if it needs changing – What Exactly is 2e Anyway?  It’s the first post I’ve ever had go somewhat-viral (over 1K shares, but I’ve lost track now because I blanked out the register multiple times due to technical stupidity.)   It makes me smile a little because our lives are so similar but so different now.

In the blogging world, I’m a baby blogger.  Still, even looking back these few years, I can see the progression of our challenges.  2e is still there – the issues are still there – but our challenges have changed and expanded as the kids grow older.