Retro Screen Time

If you’re my age or older, you probably remember the vintage Nintendo Gameboys.   I never had one as a kid – my brother was the recipient of all video game related stuff, but I remember the lure of the shiny electronic toy with its pixelized games.

Which is probably why, against my better judgement, I caved in and bought the kids a retro version for Christmas.  I had no idea if it would be a decent product at the low price of $18, and I didn’t think the kids would be all that interested.  After all, it’s pixelized and flat compared to contemporary video games like the Mario Cart game they love to play.


I Can’t Fix This


I wasn’t planning to write this post tonight.  I wasn’t.  I didn’t have it in my heart or mind at all.  Not until dinnertime and the casual dose of hate my daughter flipped out of her mouth like it was nothing.  And now I can barely see the screen through blurring tears, because my daughter hurt someone and I can’t fix it.

Hate is learned.  Despite everything I’ve taught her, it only took one bad example for her to drop everything she knows and turn on someone else.  I’m broken-hearted knowing that my little girl did this.  That she followed the lead of a bully and deliberately hurt someone with her words in a way that hitting them wouldn’t have done.



Guys, We Made It! (through another week)

Guys, I swear there’s a blanket wrapped around my brain right now.  If you were to grill me about what we did this week for school, I would fumble for words and plop a few out like “math… and history…and we did that thing at the museum..”  I’m fried.  So fried I’m barely coherent. I’m pretty sure we did, actually, get through a lot of school this week, and I have the notebooks to prove it.   Somewhere.  I’ll find them tomorrow.

I think we did too much this week.  At least, I did!  We made it.  And now we have the promise of a measly 3 inches of snow to drop on us this weekend, complete with sledding, hot cocoa, and more laundry than I can shake a stick at.



Knowing Our Limits: Special Needs Parenting


So this happened today.  I’m not sure if I should be sad, frustrated, or annoyed.  Maybe all three.  Maybe none?  After all, it is what it is, and we just have to deal with it.

My older two kids are in a scouting group.  A tour of a police station has been in the works for weeks, but we didn’t really have all the details yet.  Today, we found out that due to space issues, only a limited number of scouts plus 2 leaders would be allowed to go.  Add a 30 minute presentation to that, and I thought about it for all of 2 seconds before I officially backed out of the trip.  Hard nope.



A Quiet Celebration

I’m crossing my fingers that writing this post won’t send us careening off the deep end of refusals and fights over schoolwork.  You just never know around here!

It dawned on me over the last few days that whew! We’ve accomplished a lot in the last few months!  I actually kept track of our schooling on a heavy school day and realized that we’re averaging 3 hours a day of school work for the Engineer.  More if you count the educational videos.  For us, that’s a LOT!

Of course, it’s not 3 hours of straight work.  There are wiggle breaks, bathroom breaks, even a few game breaks.  I count that too – because public school has bathroom breaks and recess, right?  The actual instructional time is probably closer to 2 hours, maybe more.