Trying to Explain Anxiety


“Have you tried Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?” he asked.  I tried not to sigh.  After all, he’s busy, and we only saw this doctor 3 weeks ago.  Plenty of time for the details to slip his mind.  Except that he asks me this question every time this subject comes up, and forgets that he was the one who wrote us the prescription for the Engineer to start therapy 2 years ago.  He talks to us with his fingers chattering on the keys of the computer, so I know there’s probably a ream of notes in there saying the same thing over and over.


He Read Me a Book

If you follow this blog at all, you know that reading has been the bane of the Engineer’s existence.  Unlike the stereotypical gifted kid, he didn’t read early.  In fact, he didn’t read at all.  Not until now.  Not until we did 2 long sessions of vision therapy.

The Engineer was sad that vision therapy is over.  Mostly because he wants the opportunity to win small prizes after every session for good behavior.  A bribe – but a bribe that worked!

I offered him a new opportunity: read me a book.  Not a little easy book, but a real book that I pick out.  For every book he reads he gets a prize.


Parenting: What No One Told Me



After a day spent sorting, tossing, and swearing, I’m sitting down to rest and write this post.  This is now at the top of the list of “Things I Wish Someone had Told Me” before I had kids: the toys will be a problem.

I’m not a materialistic, consumeristic kind of person.  My kids, on the other hand, are all of that plus some hoarding tendencies.



A Day in the Life of 2e


Guys, I’m going to get real here.  I love my kids.  I would do anything to keep them safe.  But some days … some days they make me want to crawl under a rock and hide.  Or just walk away and leave them kicking and screaming in the middle of the aisle.

I try to focus on the good stuff – the moments when they try their best and do a great job.  But some days … some days are just rough.  This was one of them.