Let’s Run From Reality, Kiddo


Another day, another shooting.  Too many kids lost, too many lives wiped out.  I’m not here to debate gun regulations or place blame, I’m just sad.  And like last time, many people are joining the homeschool groups I’m in and asking for help to start homeschooling.  They don’t want their kids to live in fear.

Not everyone is happy with the exodus to homeschool.  A recent article from a local news source in Alabama interviewed parents and teachers about this exodus, and the teacher, Takisha Durm, did not agree.  She stated that parents who chose to homeschool their kids are “teaching them to run from reality.”

I understand that this teacher does not represent all teachers.  I even understand that her comment comes from a place of concern and love for her students.  But she’s wrong.  So very, very wrong.  Homeschooling does not shelter kids from reality.  And even if it does, why is that such a bad thing?



Sensory Issues: 2.0


We’re a sensory family.  Everyone has sensory sensitivities in some form or another, but the Engineer and Destroyer both have SPD.  What, exactly, does that mean?  I’ve written about our sensory issues multiple times, from the birthday party to the sensory friendly Christmas tree, to the 4th of July fireworks and more, but the full explanation is here in my how we cope post.

Basically, SPD is when the sensory wiring misfires and either doesn’t send enough input or sends too much.  It’s faulty wiring, and it’s a very real neurological thing.   Too much input is actually painful, and not enough input messes with your brain.


The Girly Trap


Well guys, I finally broke down and did it.  I shopped in the men’s section of a big box store.  I’ve been buying men’s shirts from Threadless for a while because they have the right collar: a slight V, but not enough for boobs to fall out.  I hadn’t taken the plunge to actually shopping in person yet until now.

As I meandered the men’s section looking for shorts, I was more than slightly annoyed.  I had just spent the better part of an hour in the women’s section searching for a unicorn: shorts that fit me, that didn’t sit at crotch level or knee level, with pockets and enough roominess to sit down without splitting seams.  I didn’t find it in the women’s section, but I did in the men’s.


When “Let Them Play” Doesn’t Apply


Chances are you’ve heard this comment before.  Especially if you’re homeschooling, or planning on homeschooling.  If you poke your head into a homeschooling group and ask a question about academics for your preschooler, odds are you’re going to hear this a lot. And with good reason: studies say that kids learn best in a play-based environment until they’re older.

But what do you do if you have a toddler who is bored with the “letter of the week” preschool things you’ve tried?  What should you do if your child absolutely loves workbooks?  How about when your child is already reading – and there are practically no age-appropriate books out there for reading toddlers?