The Emotional Storm


I thought we were headed to the ER.  As we pounded up the stairs, me running slightly behind Mr. Genius, all the horribly possibilities flashed before my eyes.  Maybe he jumped off the bed again even though we’ve told him not to a zillion times.  Maybe he got a foot caught in his ladder rungs.  Maybe he broke his arm, neck, head – something!

We opened his door to hear that hysterical sobbing no parent wants to hear.  We swarmed over him, asking him what hurt, what happened, why was he upset, what was going on?  In between sobs, he told us that his domino set fell down 4 TIMES AND HE WAS SO UPSET!!!


This 2e Thing Is A Lonely Gig


I’m drained.  Emotionally and physically, I’m just out.  Out of energy, out of emotion, out of endurance.  This last week – month! – has been a marathon of the less positive aspects of 2e.

The Engineer’s issues are cyclic.  Right now we’re on a down turn, a drastic change from the positive improvements we had been seeing.  I don’t know why we’re on a down turn.  I could blame it on the moon or a growth spurt – it has absolutely no rhyme or reason that we can determine.



Dumbing Things Down

I should probably preface this by stating that yes, all children learn differently, and my viewpoint is slightly skewed to start with.  


I realized today as I taught art class just how much I expect out of my students.  They’re all elementary age kids ranging from ages 5 to 11.  Today was our class about Yayoi Kusama.  She’s a famous Japanese artist who has gone viral because of her infinity room installations.  Celebrities take selfies in them, and people line up for hours to get 15 seconds inside one.  As artists go, she’s pretty cool.

But, she’s also an eccentric personality.  That’s partially because of her life-long battle with mental illness.  And today, as I talked about how her hallucinations influenced her infinity rooms, it hit me that “hey!  This isn’t a normal elementary art lesson here!”