SEA Convention Roundup

As promised, now that I’m semi-lucid and less sleep deprived, I’m writing about the SEA Convention experience.  It was crazy for this admitted introvert, but a lot of fun!  Plus, I was alone.  No kids, the hotel room all to myself – that alone made it a restful experience.


Seriously though, I left the convention feeling energized about homeschooling, excited about the next year, and sad that I wasn’t going to see all of these folks until 2020 at the next convention.  We joked (a tad seriously) about buying an island and living in a SEA commune together for that community that we all feel is lacking in our own lives.  Getting to spend time with everyone was an amazing experience!



Dear GPS, We Need To Talk



I’m home from the conference!  I’ll post more about that later, but since my brain is fried I’m doing this instead.


Dear GPS

I don’t know how I managed without you all these years.  I suck at reading maps – I had to carefully analyze the directionality of one-way streets to make the 15 minute walk to the aquarium while at the conference.  I need you.

Because I need you, I tend to overlook the little minor bobbles and inconveniences that you consistently demonstrate.


You’re There, I’m Here


I’ve never been away from my kids.  Hospital stays don’t truly count, because they visited.  I’ve never been hours away in a different city without them.  It’s a weird feeling.   You’re probably thinking something like “wow, overly anxious momma here!” but when you consider the multitude of exceptionalities that our family has, it makes sense.

The Destroyer with his sensory issues and massive separation anxiety.  The Princess with her anxiety.  The Engineer with his behavioral issues, anxiety, and sensory issues.  They’re not kids that you can leave with any babysitter or even family.  They’re my kids.  I am their rock.  And now, I’m hundreds of miles away.



Rough Day? Me Too



This parenting thing never lets up, does it?  One day we’re cleaning up the toys and building Lego spaceships, and the next we’re in the dentist’ office getting teeth pulled.  It’s always something.  There’s always a crisis looming around the corner, or an emergency just waiting to happen.

As an aside, will ANY of this kid’s teeth come in correctly?  I’m starting to feel like we’re doomed to one train wreck of tooth problems after another.