Vulcan Quarry Field Trip


We’re on a roll of weird and interesting field trips lately, and this one was no exception.  A visit to a local quarry – who wouldn’t want to do that?  The kids thought it was cool, and the adults thought the processes in place to be good neighbors (and meet EPA standards) were downright amazing!

This particular field trip was to the Manassas quarry, but Vulcan has sites all over the country, primarily the lower half of the country.  From Georgia to California and almost everywhere in-between.  It’s hard to find a list of just the quarries on their website: check the facilities list first and compare it to the wildlife protection areas list of quarries.   If you’re interested in touring, call the site directly and ask for a tour – I sent two emails to their listed email on the website and never got a response.


I Am Not A Quiet Victim


I spent a good deal of time working on a project before I wrote this post, because I was too red-hot mad to even write about it.  It’s funny that Gifted Homeschoolers Forum just linked a post about adult bullying on their Facebook page – perfect timing!


So what is adult bullying?  It’s bullying – by adults who should know better, directed towards other adults.  School bullying brings to mind the kid stuffed into a locker or something equally hazardous: adult bullying can be much more subtle.  Sometimes it’s even admired or encouraged, especially in an industry like sales where making a sale can be more important than anything else.

Today I experienced a particularly subtle form of adult bullying and I wanted to share it.  Because I am not a quiet victim – and I refuse to be one.


Art Class: Gee’s Bend Quilters


I’ve been working non-stop on the curriculum for the art class that I’m teaching: when it’s done, I’ll post it up here on the blog as a free printable.  It’s a LOT of stuff.  I’m loving the ability to share different artists that most people have never heard of, and this one is no exception.  These, rather – because this is a community of artists: the Gee’s Bend Quilters’ Collective.



Homeschool Burnout


You might be thinking “burnout?  It’s only October!”  Well, we school year round and we started this thing way back in January 2 years ago.  For us, this is the mid-year burnout crash.  To be honest though, I go through a cycle of enthusiastically planning and working to a period of “I hate this!  Why are we doing this anyway?” on a normal basis.  I would love to be somewhere in the middle, comfortably secure in our routine and learning style, but that’s not to be.  Oh well.

So.  Burnout.  It happens – and it happens a lot.  Sometimes we homeschoolers don’t admit it and just power through it, but it’s a fact of homeschooling that newbies don’t understand when they start.  It’s similar to teacher burnout, but it’s loaded with an extra dollop of guilt because these are my kids, and how could I not LOVE just being around them all the time?


What’s Your Superpower?


We joke with our kids and tell them that their Sensory Processing Disorder gives them superpowers – and it does, in a weird way.  Those same brain differences that let them hear minutia can become overwhelming: neurotypicals don’t experience pain because of hearing lights or high frequencies the way our kids do.  I don’t have SPD so I can’t fully relate to the kids, but I’m hypersensitive.  So is Mr. Genius.  And it’s not always a good thing.