Sliding Under The Radar

I write a lot about my oldest son.  He takes up a large share of time and attention, as does his younger brother because of their 2e issues.  My daughter … she doesn’t appear to be 2e.  In fact, for a long time I didn’t think she was gifted.  She was “normal.”  “Average.” At least, what passes for average in this family.



The Educational Observation


We’re finally getting the IEP process underway.  This week, we’re in the middle of tests and evaluations from multiple different school personnel.  The diagnostician (I’m still unclear why we’re meeting her?) the speech/language pathologist, the psychologist, the school social worker – all of them.  It’s a fun, exciting time in our lives.  (is the sarcasm thick enough?)


Homeschool Math Struggles


Disclaimer: if this posts sound like bragging, then I invite you to dust off your high school textbooks and look up abstract and negative numbers along with me.  Have fun! 


My brain hurts.  I am OVER this homeschool teaching thing at the moment.  No one ever warns you that hey!  You might end up with a kid who loves advanced math!