Dear Son, I Love You


Dear little man

I know it’s probably time that I stop calling you that.  You’re growing up.  Just yesterday you were a wailing infant, waking up every few hours and wanting me to hold you.  I don’t miss those days, but I do have a bittersweet kind of nostalgia about you: the last baby.

Long before you were even born, people would joke with me about how the first child has tons of picture, the middle has some, and the last has none.  Clearly, that’s not the case here.  Although if you keep doing that cheesy grin and posing we won’t have any truly authentic pictures of you!

Those people were wrong.  You are special.  You are unique.  You’re like your brother with your quick wit and your sharp mind, but you are uniquely yourself.  You are like your sister with your sensitivity to moods, but you are not as emotional.  Not even your brother, the independent child, is as fiercely independent as you are.  I’m not always in the mood to appreciate that, especially like today when you flung my hand away and refused to stay with me in the store.  But you are the most like me in that respect, and I recognize it.



Never Stop Learning


Meet the leaf-footed bug.  This member of the Coreidae family is pretty cool looking – and not exactly one you want to have in your garden.  He’s a sapsucker and can do a good bit of damage to your plants.  Unlike his cousin the stinkbug, he doesn’t smell horrible.

Up until about a month ago, I had never met a leaf-footed bug.  In fact, I probably had, but I assumed they were stinkbugs.  And we have tons of stinkbugs around here, so I’m sure I didn’t think twice about one with oddly shaped legs.  But this one – this one I knew.  This one caused me to whip my phone out and take a picture, chortling over the flared legs.

You see, I joined a group on Facebook called Antman’s Hill.  It’s a group dedicated to identifying bugs.  Most anything with enough legs qualifies, but not reptiles, amphibians, and worms or slugs.  I’ve learned a good bit just scrolling through my news feed of bug pictures.


The Discipline Problem Part II


I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how many people have read the first post – and I feel a little guilty because I know it’s not my best work.  Dealing with a migraine probably isn’t the best time to write, but hey, if I waited until I was pain free, I would never write anything!


One of the readers responded to my post on Gifted Homeschoolers Forum’s page and vehemently pointed out that I wasn’t applying the 1,2,3 Magic! method correctly.  If I did it right and was consistent, then all of my parenting woes would go away.  She concluded by admonishing me that allowing my kids to question the rules means that I am encouraging it.


Ok!  (brief pause for hysterical laughter in the background.)


Here’s the thing: these kids were BORN questioning authority.  And short of gagging them and breaking their spirit, there’s no way that I could make them stop questioning anything.  So like everything else in the realm of gifted, I’ve learned to work with what we have.


My Kids Are A Hazard To My Health


No, they’re not really trying to kill me, sneaking up with knives behind my back “et tu” style.  It’s not deliberate at all.  It’s just kids being kids.

My husband says I should dodge better – “be more defensive!” he says, while trying to hide the laughter.  I saved that comment for one memorable moment when our roles were reversed.  Apparently it’s not as funny when he’s the injured party.

No, my kids are …. kids.  Clueless, klutzy, exuberant, bouncing little puppies with too much energy.