Romanticizing Childhood: Hating Kids

Dear Pediatric Specialist at the Children’s Hospital center we visited today,

I didn’t get a chance to tell you how I really felt about your actions and words during our visit, so I’m taking the opportunity to write this blog post that you will never read.  You see, you exemplified an attitude that has increasingly bothered me ever since I had kids.

I saw your eyes widen when you saw all three of my kids.  I saw your disapproving body language as my oldest son excitedly walked ahead of you to the door.  I heard you admonish him to come back, and the disapproving tone in your voice.

I saw your frustration as you directed me to “leave it outside”  because your office was too small to hold our stroller, and I noticed your attitude of annoyance: we were disrupting your day simply by existing.


Innate Ability Exists: The Myth Of Equal

Here we go again: this time it’s the reverse of the “all children are gifted” meme.  Nope, this academic thinks that no student is gifted: and that “Ideas of “Giftedness” Hurt Students.”

I would ignore it as non-important, except she’s a Professor of Mathematics Education at Stanford and this article is comprised of excerpts from her new book.  Which I am NOT going to list here, because reading this article was headache-inducing and I would never suggest that you purchase an entire book of such … difficult-to-understand writing.

I’m not really sure where to smack down on this article, because at its core, it states that innate talent is a myth.


Joining the Maker Movement


This weekend marked the kick-off of the Maker season for our area.  The first Maker Faire was held at a local high and middle school – it spilled into both buildings.  I’ve been writing about going to Maker Faires for a little while, and it’s probably time to point out exactly what it is.  Assuming you don’t know already, of course!

Ask  what the Maker Movement represents and you’ll probably get a different answers from every person you ask.  It’s rather hard to define because it has broad guidelines and borders that flex at will.  Think to make: create, design, innovate and you’ll cut to the heart of the movement.  It’s not led by any one organization, but it did spark out of the Make Magazine, and is fostered by Maker Faires all over the globe.


Just Stay Home


We had one of those whole-family colds for the last few weeks.  It started with the Princess and a random high fever in the middle of the night.  Small children and germs being what they are, of course it spread.  After I was sneezed on a few times I caught it too.  The only person who managed to fend it off fairly well was Mr. Genius, and he was touch and go there for a while.


Tips, Tricks, & Ideas From Homeschooling2e

Hi, my name is Mary, and I’m addicted to blogging…

yeah, it’s true – once you start, you keep adding “just one more!”  And then they pile up and demand all of your time and effort until you’re sitting in the corner sobbing “but I just wanted to write!”

::clears throat::

So, um…new blog announcement.