The Birthday Party Guilt Trip


I am an idiot.  I have a ton of stuff to do, the SEA Convention is just around the corner, and instead …. I’m sewing unicorn horns.  What is wrong with me?

This is why: one little almost 5-year-old girl.  I love her to pieces, and I have a super hard time saying no to “mommy, please?” for this kind of stuff.  Note: I have absolutely NO trouble saying “no” to “I want another Pikmi Pop mommy!


Silence Is A Precious, Rare Thing

I’m writing this now that the kids are in bed.  It’s quiet in the house – so quiet I can hear the faucet running outside as the soaker hose runs.   Peace and quiet are the two things that I never get when the kids are around, so obviously I cherish it.  A lot.  I need this time or I’ll have a nervous breakdown kind of cherish.



Using Overexcitabilities As An Excuse


There’s an article circling around most of the gifted groups I’m in at the moment questioning the “strong ideology built up around this notion” of overexcitabilities.  Basically, calling out overexcitabilities as a popular idea with little science to back it up.  Want to read the whole article?  Go here.

It’s an interesting article.  And it set my red flags off.  It’s written by a doctor – psychologist – who works with gifted students, so it has a thick veneer of respectability and authority.   It’s a bit of a hard read – text heavy, with lots of information.  It’s serious, earnest, and critical of the gifted establishment for swallowing the idea of overexcitabilities unquestioningly.

You might be asking “wait, what are overexcitabilities?”  They’re 5 different categories of specific intensities often found in the gifted population.   Go read this and this and this if you have a free night to spend reading!


We’ve Failed At PR


Homeschoolers, I have sad news.  We’ve failed.  Completely and utterly failed at public relations.  Despite our best efforts, our examples, and our actual lives being on full display, we’ve failed.

I’ve heard a lot of the stereotypical homeschooling comments in the course of my life, but today was a first.  I can’t stop thinking about this one comment and conversation because it was just so bad.  So stereotypical.  So … dare I say …. ignorant?