Summer Camp @Home: Jade Mountain Academy

It’s been a while since I last posted – because even though we’re stuck at home, I’m still crazy busy!  I realized after we officially ended our school year that the kids were going to have a long and boring summer if I didn’t DO something.  And as always, that “something” is a time-consuming, way-out-of-my reach kind of thing that I tackle anyway because I’m stubborn like that.

Although our local area seems to be back to “normal” despite the rising Covid-19 cases, we’re still in lockdown mode over here at Homeschooling2e.  My high-risk level means we’ll probably be isolated until a vaccine comes out.  Knowing this, and knowing how frustrated our kids already are, I decided that we needed fun things to do now that we don’t have the routine of school days to keep us occupied.  Enter, summer camp @home!


Oops. I shouldn’t have said that!


Different state, same tune: testing time.  While the rest of the country flounders around trying to make distance learning work for everyone, homeschoolers are plodding along doing their requirements, including us.

Technically we could postpone this, due to a special bit of legislation designed to help homeschoolers with financial uncertainty.  Maybe we should have?  I figured he’s bored out of his mind anyway so we should get it over with.


Life in Flux

Time for one of those introspective posts again. So. Our family has been in lockdown for over a month now. Well over a month, even though officially our state hasn’t been locked down that long. In fact, our state just announced that we’re opening everything back up again, with “social distancing” and “proper precautions.” You really don’t want to hear my opinion on the level of impossibility involved in keeping 6 feet away from people at the movie theatre, hairdresser, or gym. I know that lifting restrictions slightly will snowball as people become more and more relaxed and start taking liberties with it. I just hope people check out must-read tips about Coronavirus and remember the number of deaths it has caused.


One pin at a time


Today was a long day, and I’m tired.  My hands hurt, my feet hurt, and I’m worn out after a long weekend of yard work, watching kids, and generally getting things done.   The kids are now in bed and quiet reigns over my house.

Instead of sitting down and resting like my body desperately needs, I sit down in front of my sewing machine instead.  It’s perched precariously on a desk, sharing space with my nearly defunct computer.  The desk is surrounded by boxes of craft supplies from our move, waiting until the day we are able to get bookcases and storage to hold them.  It’s a mess.

As much as I want to kick back and relax, I can’t.


School canceled? Here’s a few ideas to help


By now, you probably know that many schools across the US are closing due to Covid-19.  Our local schools are closing for 2 weeks, but the uncertainty level is high, and parents are wondering if it’s going to be more than 2 weeks.  Other parents are jumping straight into homeschooling in an attempt to protect immune-compromised kids and families.

I keep seeing a lot of the same questions popping up again and again in my homeschooling and community groups – what resources can we use during this time?  What’s free, easy to use, and we can jump right in during our time at home?

I thought I would put together a post with some easy resources to help calm some of that educational uncertainty.  If reducing one tiny bit of stress helps, I’m going to do it!